1. Foundation, foundation, foundation

    So remember when I bought a new bottle of Clinique’s Tinted Moisturizer a few months back? Well silly me, I thought the remaining Superfit liquid foundation that I had left would be enough to last for the rest of this vacation… well it didn’t. I planned on purchasing a similar item as before but for some reason, the Clinique store in Hong Kong does not offer this product. 

    I asked the Clinique saleslady what other products would be suitable and she gave me samples of Clinique’s Superbalanced liquid foundation.

    The shade for the samples that I got was number 64 Cream Beige. The shade for my previous Superfit foundation was 65 Super Neutral so the two colours are fairly similar. Unfortunately I have quite oily skin and I still find that this Superbalanced liquid foundation creates a oily complexion for myself after a few hours.

    So what did I end up getting?

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  2. Update

    Sorry Tumblrers for the delay in blogs, June has been a hectic month for me! I have been working everyday at my part-time work for the first few weeks and then I had my convocation (I am officially done my undergrad!!) and then I flew to Hong Kong the next day!

    So an update on the beauty boxes, as most of you know by now, Loose Button changed its membership structure and instead of one box per month, the company will now send out one box per season (so 4 boxes per year). The pricing scheme has also changed, each box will be $26 plus tax rather than $12 plus tax per box. With this change, all existing members have the option to either receive their June box and decided whether or not they want to upgrade later, or have their June box replaced with the first ever season box. I have opted to received the upgraded box because 1) I won’t be in town in June to get my box, and 2) I’m curious to see what types of sample will be given in the upgraded box. I won’t get my billed for the next season box till September (I get the first box in August) so that gives me plenty of time to decide what I wanted to do with my membership.

    I’m still on the waiting list for TopBox but I think I’m pretty close. I should be able to start my membership before September. From what I’ve seen, TopBox is the most consistent in terms of shipping and the samples provided in the box is pretty decent in quality. I’m excited to get on the list!! 


  3. May 2012 Luxe Box

    I just got my May Luxe Box today at work and I’m determined to blog about it before May ends! Once again, Loose Button fell behind with the shipping this month. Generally I’m not too concerned with when the box is shipped since I know that it’s going to arrive eventually but it’s getting slightly annoying. Although to be fair, it wasn’t the only company to do that this month (GlossyBox is also late this month as well). I think right now TopBox is the only box that is consistently delivered in the middle of the month. So for this month, I’m only getting Luxe Box because I have already cancelled Glymm, which is unfortunate because there’s a new initiative for the company now and the samples were decent and came in a nice makeup bag this month. Also, Glymm has now raise the price from $10 a month to $12 a month if you aren’t already an active subscriber (so when I reactivate my account I would have to pay $12 :( booooo). Anyways enough with the rants, here is my May box! 

    Here is the box this month!! It’s significantly bigger than the usual boxes, which means…

    that we are getting a regular beauty box AND a Bath and Body box this month! Loose Button has introduced a Bath and Body box in January this year.

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  4. May 2012 Julep Maven Box

    So I had some more referrals for this month and I got this box for FREE again! :) Thank you so so much ladies! Like the month of April, I stuck with the Classic with a Twist style box for May. The Maven box actually arrived at the beginning of this week, but since I got it shipped to my workplace and didn’t work till yesterday, I didn’t physically get the box till yesterday. When I first saw the box, I found that the box was a lot bigger than the usual size. Here is the box for this month! 

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